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Wp Contact Form Plugin

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Wp Contact Form Plugin offers a user-friendly and powerful solution to integrate a contact form into your website seamlessly. With an array of customization opportunities at your fingertips, craft a one-of-a-kind contact form that not only appeals to your clients but is also convenient for them to use. Tailor the layout to fit your needs, streamline the form by including only necessary fields, captivate users with an attention-grabbing header, and personalize it further with an image. Effortlessly embed your contact form across any page of your site to engage more visitors and enhance communication by encouraging them to share feedback and messages.

Wp Contact Form plugin is what you need

  • If you want to turn more visitors into leads
  • If you want to get more feedback
  • If you don’t want spam and bot messages on your email

Get all the benefits of WordPress Contact Form by Wp Contact Form Plugin

Increase the number of leads

Say in close touch with your potential clients - let them send you a message 24/7 via the neat and simple contact form and improve your interaction. A minimum number of fields will bring the maximum conversion rate.

Get more feedback

Customer feedback is key in developing your business. Get more of it with handy contact form. It’s easy to use it on the contact page, and floating message button is always visible encouraging your visitors to leave a feedback, especially on a mobile device.

Higher email protection

Have only organic communications and don’t let spam in. Our plugin is equipped with Google reCAPTCHA - one of the most effective and advanced tools to safeguard your mailbox against automatic spam and bots.

Key features

  • Align email address to send visitors’ messages to
  • Switchable header with customizable elements: text, title and picture
  • Switchable fields, each with editable label and placeholder: name, email, phone, message
  • Any field can be made required for message submission
  • Send button with editable text
  • 2 ready-to-use templates: inline and floating
  • 5 embedded styles
  • Customizable “Thank you” message
  • No page refreshing after message submit
  • Progress save for fields filling
  • Intuitive and easy editor without coding required
  • Regular live updates to keep it fresh

Still wonder why WP Contact Form widget is outstanding?

  • Easiest installation without coding
  • Total customizability for perfect look
  • Maximum protection against spam

Try the plugin now for free or explore its full potential in live demo!

  • Easiest installation without coding
  • Total customizability for perfect look
  • Maximum protection against spam
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