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Local Leads

$149.00 $500.00 2 Days LEFT You save 70%

Every Business Needs Leads!!!

This GOLDMINE Software helps you pull a massive amount of leads for any niche.

Millions Of Leads At Your Fingertips: With 1 Click

Every State, Every City In United States

What Information Is Included?

  1. Business Type ( School, Realtor , Church, Salon etc)
  2. Business Name Owners
  3. Personal Email
  4. Business Full Address
  5. City, State & Zip
  6. Phone Number & Fax Number
  7. Website


Built-In Dialer

Call Your Leads Directly From The System

Send E-Mail to One Lead or Multiple Leads From The Dashboard

Powerful Lead Finder Tool

Create Groups of Your Leads & Export Into CSV

How Can You Monetize This?

Here are some examples:

  1. Cold Call Them
  2. Write them an Email
  3. Text/Mass Text them
  4. Become a “Leads Guy” and sell leads to others
  5. Upload it to FB Audeince and run targetted ads
  6. Sell them SEO, Web Design
  7. Direct Marketing
  8. Sell Direct Marketing Leads
  9. Become “Business OP” guy
  10. Sell access ( If Reseller )


  • Unlimited Access
  • No limitations
  • All features included
  • Live New Leads
  • Reseller Option Available

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