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Content Lock

$7.00 $30.00 3 Hours LEFT You save 77%

Protect Your WordPress Site From Getting Penalized by Google!

What can you disable?

  • Disable Select All
  • Disable Copy
  • Disable Cut
  • Disable Paste
  • Disable Save
  • Disable View Source
  • Disable Print Page
  • Disable Developer Tool
  • Disable Safari Reader Mode
  • Disable Right Click
  • Disable Text Selection
  • Disable Image Dragging

This Plugin Will Make It Impossible For Anyone To Copy Any Content On Your Website

  • Easy to use: Install & Go
  • Works with all Templates and Frameworks
  • Works on mobile and touch devices
  • Works in all modern browsers Lightweight and Fast, only 11kb minified on frontend
  • Text and image protection
  • RTL compatible
  • No affect the indexing of the site in search engines
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS


WP Content AI Feature

This feature is like AUTOMATED anti-virus software but for your WordPress content, it will always update itself daily with new tools that are out there to copy your content and use them against your own SEO. Just turn it on and sleep peacefully at night knowing you are protected.

  • Unlimited Sites
  • Latest WP version
  • Multi-Site
  • Future Updates

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